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We had a chat with Louise, Client Liaison Manager at Magenta Star, who provide expertly managed Christmas Grottos to leading shopping centres throughout the UK.

Tell us a little about Magenta Star?

We use Aquarius to act on behalf of our clients, to provide a telephone booking service for our Christmas Grottos. They make bookings and provide excellent customer service with regard to customers queries.

What issues did you identify in your business that prompted you to approach Aquarius?

We needed a 24-hour team to cater for all these calls, one that would work with us personally, as all the Grottos are bespoke. I needed to know that there was a training plan in place, and staff that had worked with us before.

How does Aquarius support Magenta Star?

Consistent and updated contact, and also providing us with a quick problem-solving team. this helps our small team not to have to respond to hundreds of calls. They also can report.

Seasonality means that you only require our services around Christmas time… But what is it that keeps you coming back to Aquarius every year?

Professionalism, and actually wanting the job. It is so great to hear that they enjoy this work, even though the customers can be challenging. They give us constant feedback and provide us with ideas on how we may improve the system for the following year. I feel that I know exactly what we are getting, without having to explain over and over again, as this time of year is so busy for us.

How do you feel Aquarius has benefited your Customer Service?

Yes absolutely, we feel we are one team.

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