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When you’ve been a major player in the contact centre sector for more than ten years, you know which service is best for your client’s needs and we are delighted to provide an array Geographic and non-geographic telephone numbers (NGNs) as well as SMS short codes. Below is a guide to what the best solution is for a variety of requirements.

Freephone Telephone Numbers (From UK Landlines) – 0800 and 0808

  • Ideal for sales as customers can be contacted free of charge from a UK landline
  • These numbers are not free from mobile devices however

Geographical Network Telephone Numbers – 01 and 02

  • Ideal for multi-sited companies, who wish to retain a local feel
  • Regional codes can be provided right across the UK
  • These numbers are inexpensive for mobile phone callers to use and are often included in free minute packages

UK Wide Non- Geographical Telephone Numbers – 03 and 030

  • These offer the same cost to the caller as a geographical number (01 and 02)
  • Ideal for Customer Service Lines
  • A perfect replacement for an 08 number where more calls are received from mobile numbers
  • Unlike 09 numbers 03 numbers are generally included in mobile users minute packages.

SMS Short Codes 

  • These are memorable SMS text numbers, usually no more than 5 digits in length
  • Wide usage in print, TV, radio, outdoor and promotional advertising 
  • The short code numbers we can provide are common to all major UK mobile phone operators
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