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For several years, Aquarius have worked closely with a number of specialists in restaurant scheduling to improve the dining experience for both customers and restaurants. WIth the ultimate goal of increasing capacity and profitability. By combining your table management software with our own contact centre technology, we have developed a system which operates 24/7, drives efficiencies and optimises your restaurants capacity.

Our booking management service created by this strategic alliance has successfully increased revenue for over 100 restaurants throughout the UK. 

Here are just some of the areas in which they have seen the benefit:  

  • Increased number of covers as a result of swiftly answered calls and fewer missed calls.
  • Reduced staffing requirements.
  • No over or double booking .
  • Higher levels of customer service. 
  • Professional call handling staff answering calls with appropriate guidelines and rules.
  • Secure customer data capture.
  • Increased opt in for future marketing opportunities.
How it works

Restaurant Booking & Scheduling

Simple Integration

We integrate with most restaurant booking systems such as Res Diary, Eveve etc.

Real Time

Real time bookings and amendments.

Your Rules

You set the rules. How many we can book for, alternative times, deposits, etc.

Here To Help When You Need It

Flexible, send your calls to us whenever suits you best, whether that’s between shifts or at peak times we are here ready for your calls.

Dedicated Divert Number

You will be given a dedicated divert number for each outlet thus allowing us to personalise our answer to each establishment.


Restaurant Booking & Scheduling

Divert your calls to us at anytime, short staff, split shifts or simply improve your customers experience.

No ringing Phones to distract your staff or clientele.

Full data capture for future marketing campaigns.

Increase your ROI with booking additions.

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