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Appointment Booking & Diary Management

Through our partnership with we can provide clients with a strategic diary management system that books appointments and enables you to focus on your day-to-day business. Think about how much easier this would make you life – no more having to note things down on scraps of paper or not being able to confirm a meeting because you don’t have your schedule to hand. With the online booking system you set the parameters in your diary and we only book the space that is free. You can also tailor the form in which the information is recorded meaning you can be better prepared for the upcoming appointment.

Using we can automatically send appointment bookings to both you and your customer, as well as automated reminders the day before, mitigating the risk of missed or forgotten meetings. We can also set alerts the day after your appointment which remind you to complete actions you’d promised to the customer.

Other integrations are possible too such as text messaging and payment scheduling such is the flexibility of the platform we out in place. Where appropriate we can even provide the facility to enable customers to book their own appointments through your booking system. and Aquarius provides a genuinely joined up solution to diary management, that has been proven to help increase efficiency and productivity.

How it works

Appointment Booking & Diary Management

Simple Integration

We integrate with your booking system, or make recommendations with some partners to take care of this for you.

Appointments Delivered

We deliver you qualified appointments with full details in the appointment.

Diversion Number

Diversion number given for your exclusive use.

One Of The Team

We answer as your team.

Professional Image

Give a professional image every time.


Appointment Booking & Diary Management

We can use your diary so you see appointments in real time.

The software we recommend, such as Appointedd will link into Goodle Calendars, Microsoft Outlook etc.

We can book different people for different jobs or appointments depending on the request we receive.

Seemless process to setup and when in place you will simoply see a new appointment appear in your diary.

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