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Providing out-of-hours support is essential to the smooth running of many organisations. At Aquarius we always ensure that jobs are fully evaluated prior to an engineer being called and deployed. This ensures that only genuine emergencies are acted upon and other non-critical interventions can be logged and dealt with the next working day. 

We deal with numerous different contractors on a daily basis and when engineers are required, we ensure that job details are passed on quickly and efficiently and that Service Level Agreements are honoured. 

When working with you to tailor make your own 24 hour contact handling solution, we interrogate every aspect of your services, ensuring outcomes are determined, correct specifications are included and the solution meets all requirements. 

Sectors in which we provide 24/7 call handling and fault reporting include:

  • Housing Associations 
  • Letting Agencies
  • Facilities Management Companies 
  • IT Service Providers

Providing an Emergency Call Handling Solution

Our platform allows us to specifically tailor workflow solutions to your business, enabling us to follow any escalation procedures you request. Each stage can be fully automated and can be incorporated into a multitude of different contact methods.  Each action is date stamped and full reports can be delivered the next working day. 

We can even evaluate and resolve first line support issues and by supplying us with a list of questions to pose to your customers, we can drill into and identify the most common issues. With this information at hand, we can work together to help to reduce the number of incidents that require escalation or the need for engineer call-out. 

How it works

24 Hour Engineer Call Out Service


Divert Your Calls anytime you like over a 24 hour period.

Qualified and Actioned

We qualify the emergency and send out to your on call people only when necessary.


We will help scope out your rota and escalation contacts.

Daily Reporting

Daily reporting to allow you to review the previous days requests.

Feature Title

Aquarius handles inbound calls only for a range of clients such.


24 Hour Engineer Call Out Service

We are your OOH Department

You can either divert to us or we can give you a number direct for you to make public.

Your emergencies can be qualified prior to being called out.

We work with your Rotas and Escalation points so we get all emergencies dealt with.

You receive a full daily report of Jobs dealt with and requires next day attention.

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