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1.Tell us a little about Eazipay

Eazipay Ltd are a Commercial Facility Management Bureau, set up to allow all businesses no matter what their size, to harvest the benefits of Direct Debit as a way of collecting funds due from their customers.  We have been running this facility for 17 years and process Direct Debits for over 1500 clients nationwide, collecting on average £70 million per month.

2.What issues did you identify in your business that prompted you to approach Aquarius?

Eazipay initially only had one phone line, meaning it was often impossible to make or receive a call as the line was often engaged.  Even after increasing the lines available to us we realised that we were missing vital calls either from our existing customers or potential new customers.  It became clear we needed to find a solution.  We searched our database of existing clients and realised that Aquarius offered the service we desperately needed.

3. How does Aquarius support Eazipay?

Aquarius answer all calls that we would have missed.  They answer as Eazipay Ltd so the caller is not confused. Aquarius staff send us call reports with all the relevant initial information we require to return that call.

5.How do you feel the partnership with Aquarius works?

The partnership is seamless.  We very rarely have any reason to contact Aquarius ourselves.  We have never had any cause for concern or queries of any kind. Eazipay can now feel confident that no calls are missed, and that every phone call is actually answered by a “real person” and not an electronic answering machine.

5.How do you feel Aquarius has benefited your Customer Service?

This service has definitely improved our customer experience.  Working in the financial industry we need to give an air of trust to our customers.  Having a phone line ring out, with either a machine or nothing at all to answer that call, often leaves a seed of doubt in the mind.  Using Aquarius has meant we can remove that doubt.  We thoroughly recommend Aquarius to any company considering a managed answering service.

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