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Beast from the East 2.0 – Is your business ready?

It is late February 2018 and the Beast from the East has hit the UK. Due to the record amount of snow, chaos ensues. Schools are closed, emergency services are under pressure people are snowed and stuck in traffic. And because of this, thousands of businesses across the UK were forced to close due to lack of staffing.  This had a devastating effect for many businesses across the UK. What’s worse is that the Met Office is predicting that yet another ‘Beast from he East’ is planning to strike again, and soon!

The good news is you needn’t be a panicked business owner when the cold snap returns

Aquarius Contact Centre is one of the first home shored call centres in the UK. This allows us to employ highly skilled operators who work from their own homes, to provide your customers with first class service even when the weather has other plans. With Aquarius on board, your business can continue to operate effortlessly throughout the winter months. We offer 24/7 cover, 365 days of the year and work seamlessly to become an invaluable extension of your business. With bad weather typically seeing an increase in online sales, our call handlers will provide customer service for online based businesses which means you are not missing out on sales. Our staff are trained to handle a vast and varied amount of call types – from Out of Hours emergencies and restaurants to Retail and wind turbines.

So, this winter, allow us to place your pizza orders, make your appointments and fix your customers boilers.

Our doors never close, and we’ll make sure yours don’t either.

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Laura, one of our operators working from home.


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