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5 Reasons Why You should​ Outsource…


Phone ringing off the hook? No time to reply to email enquiries? Missing bookings? 

Normally it’s a good thing to be busy. 

Make the right choice and choose an outsourced partner that values your business as much as you do.

Aquarius has a solution to fit every business need –

Reduce Costs– Cost reductions are always important; however, they should never be the motivation. We complement what you do and help businesses throughout their journey. You may need a professional response when you are busy building your business or as you grow. Aquarius may be your booking line or sales department. Our flexibility and pay as you go billing allow you to grow and then make proper informed business decisions based on facts.

Customer Service and Technology– Aquarius are a well-oiled machine not a sound bite. When it comes to call handling, we employ proper retail people who not only understand the importance of Customer Service but get a kick out of delivering it. Our people are of the highest quality and our training is done personally one to one, so we ensure the best experience every time for you and your customers. Our perfect mix of people and technology allows us to deal with your customers either over the phone, via email or on live chat. It’s never been easier for your customers to get in touch. 

Your Brand– It is key that the tone and ethos of your brand are protected. Our staff are adaptable, focused and reliable. Professional and friendly. We handle the widest variety of call types from reception, bookings, out of hours emergency repairs and E-Commerce order support. Nothing is too big or too small. We work with all varieties of systems which is a challenge, but we like that! Our aim is to understand you and get right under the skin of your business then replicate what you do.

24/7 365– Here at Aquarius, we operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This means that your doors never close. Whether that is by phone, email or live chat – we offer all three! The digital era we live in dictates that the modern consumer expects to speak to a live agent at any given time. 

Sales Support –Our staff are highly trained and experienced at working with ordering platforms, processing payments, booking appointments and reservations. So, while you are spending your time working on developing your business, we are busy booking your customers appointments, placing their orders and taking their payments. 

Call us on 0800 044 3090 to discuss your requirements


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