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This week has been a busy week with a lot online about the rise of Chat Bots and it’s place in the Customer Service Industry. It would seem the future is a scary and distant place. It’s not. Businesses can still invest in people. We still believe that this will remain, despite this change, as only a phone conversation can solve what the customer needs. These needs will need to be met with two essential elements: trust and empathy.  Which is what people bring to the business.

At Aquarius, we believe in people and that people are responsible for good quality customer service. Aquarius staff are highly trained and appreciated, so this leads quite clearly to a higher quality of customer service. Reading research by the Institute of Customer Service proves that employee happiness increases customer service to be of a better quality

Adapting new technology is important – and we appreciate that.
However, the automation of Chat Bots right now is no competition to having someone friendly and helpful satisfy the customer’s need. According to a recent article by Forrester, Chat bot’s have answered customer’s questions, however about one third of the time the Chatbots have either failed or provided an awkward experience. Do you really want this for your business?

Contact Centres and people satisfy this need.

What are your thoughts? Do you think your business needs more of a human touch?


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