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Ian Pilbeam, Founder and Chair of HR Dept shares why your business could benefit from their support …

You can’t do everything yourself when you run a business. Finding an outsourced provider who gets you, your business and your culture isn’t always easy though. When it came to looking for an outsourced Hr provider, Aquarius owner Roddy Forfar was keen to find someone with old fashioned personnel values who would value his people as much as he does. Roddy chose local provider “The HR Dept”, led by Ian Pilbeam, who have now supported Aquarius for the past five years.

Roddy recognised that his business would benefit from using local experts to help him do the right things when it comes to building his team and wanted to make sure he was doing it right. What he didn’t want was a provider that just told him what he couldn’t do, who didn’t understand and fit with his values and culture, or one that would tie him down in unnecessary bureaucracy. He also wanted a local provider, someone who would be visible and available, not based in a call centre.

Too many businesses think that HR is a pain in the proverbial. Done badly it can be. But outsourced to pragmatic specialists who genuinely care, is a real time saver and value add.

Ian Pilbeam, Managing Director of The HR Dept says “We love working with Roddy and his team. A great example of a local business doing great things who add value to so many other local and national businesses. HR can be tricky at times, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, and Roddy understands that the strength of our working relationship means that he can seek honest and practical advice early, and often prevent small issues become big problems.

If you would like to find out more about how your business could benefit from this kind of support please contact Roddy directly for an introduction or just email Ian at


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