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Customer Helpdesk – customer service & support in a digital world

The world is such a digital place nowadays. Our daily routine ‘requires’ us to have access countless websites, software and user platforms. From banking to our social media accounts, on-line data storage and umpteen user accounts for travel, leisure and shopping on-line.

Everything we access and every purchase we make ties us into another  on-line account – please register prior to ordering, please register for updates, please register…register…register.

How do we keep in control of all our different online accounts – ‘our online footprint’? How can we remember so many passwords?

Recently I attempted to purchase concert tickets via the website of a local music venue I had not visited for some years. I was prompted to register or sign in to the site as an existing user. Whilst it had been quite a while since I’d last used my account some time since i accessed my email address and/or password was not recognised.

After numerous attempts and variations of passwords I decided to give up and simply re register as a new user – ‘your name and contact details are already registered’ was the reply…aargh, frustrating isn’t it!

It transpired that the email address I had initially used was now no longer in use so even requesting a new password was not possible as the request would just disappear into a black hole. Thankfully it only took a couple of emails to the company’s customer service team for the site to resolve the situation.

Unfortunately, my initial difficulties are becoming all too common for the online generation. The need to provide customers with greater security to ensure their personal information is protected has created a need for organisations to invest in helpdesk services to support users with issues that need to be resolved quickly and effectively, or risk them giving up and going elsewhere.

However, to set up and manage a helpdesk can be a costly exercise for any organisation – it requires man power to respond to calls and emails from customers as well as training of this workforce. Fortunately there are other options.

At Aquarius we have vast experience in managing and supplying outsourced helpdesk services and at a fraction of the cost of deploying an in house team. We can handle all first line faults, accounting for up to 90% of user issues, and follow an escalation process clearly and concisely should an issue be unresolved.

This provides your customers with a quick and satisfactory point of contact, reducing customer frustrations and providing your brand with much needed stability.

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