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Live Chat.

Feared by many businesses as replacing the more accustomed methods of communication like email and telephony. However, there is good reasons for even the most traditional of companies to get on board with Live Chat…

Live Chat = Sales

Studies have shown that customers who use Live Chat are three times more likely to convert on a website than those who do not. Not only this, but queries or issues a customer has about a product or service on your site can quickly be addressed by a member of our team. Allowing the customer to make their purchase with confidence. Aquarius’ software enables us to be notified when a person lands on your site. This ensures that you never miss an opportunity.

Improved Service and Loyalty

Many surveys show that customers feel happy with the service they receive on live chat. This means that these customers are more likely to return to companies that offer Live chat. Customers feel reassured that they can receive assistance whenever it is required and can solve their problems faster. Documents and links can be sent to the customer to further promote slicker service. Aquarius chat platform is also mobile friendly, allowing mobile users to chat easily with a member of the team. Our trained staff can also manage more than one chat window at a time, providing a time-efficient management of customer queries. Aquarius chat platform also recognises return chat users, meaning they are automatically greeted in a friendly manner.

There is no question that here at Aquarius, we will always value telephony-based customer service, there is no replacement for speaking to person on the other end of the phone. However, Live Chat can help to grow your business, improve your customer experience and give you the advantage over your competitors. 

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